Affiliated to Shu-ho Jujitsu

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Based at the cross roads between Bromley and Lewisham, our friendly club welcomes all beginners whilst offering up to 8 taster sessions for free in the first month of training.

During the first few lessons beginners can train in any strong, light clothing, e.g. T-shirt and track suit bottoms, students train barefoot. After becoming full members are encouraged to wear the traditional Japanese jacket and trousers which can be purchased through the club.

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Jujitsu is a Martial Art for all, regardless of their age or physical abilities. It is more than a sport, it's a self-defence discipline which we teach to both children and adults.

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"Jujitsu boosted my children's confidence and enhanced their listening skills as well as concentration. The classes are done in familiar atmosphere which is ideal for my kids. I highly recommend it."   Audrey from Bromley