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At Jujitsu Self-Defence (also known as Jujitsu SD, part of Shu-ho) we are members of NAKMAS (the Nation Association for Karate and Martial Arts Schools). This provide all students with a full membership in the form of a licence / insurance slip cover renewable on a yearly basis.

Our philosophy is inspired by the style of Jujitsu we practice which favors consistent training to raise our techniques and understanding of Martial Arts ever higher. As such we follow a belt system which sanctions each progression made by students during their learning stages (a list of belt colours and techniques can be found in the syllabus section of this website).

Although we teach and practice traditional Jujitsu, our style is contemporary, extremely practical and effective. This means that regardless of factors such as size, gender, age and strength there will always be an effective technique to be able to put into practice.  

More than a sport, Jujitsu is a proper self-defence discipline that helps students raise their confidence and develop their individual skills. True self-defence starts with awareness in your environment and positive attitude to avoid trouble in the first place. When dangerous circumstances can't be avoided, being able to protect yourself or your loved ones is a priority. Whether you want to practice Jujitsu for those reasons, or maybe simply to feel positive in your body and mind, there is always an opportunity to try at our club.

Jujitsu Self-Defence has roots firmly placed in Japanese tradition. We follow the correct etiquette and place emphasis on respect at all levels.

“All instructors are CRB/DBS checked”

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"Jujitsu has helped my 4 kids (12,11, 8 and 6) in many ways. The 2 younger ones improved their coordination whereas the oldest gained more confidence. As a parent, I like the discipline, focus and sense of achievement that they get."   Anne from Bromley