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Sensei Stephan started studying Martial Arts in France at the age of 5. After winning  local competitions in Judo he explored other fighting disciples and sports before discovering Jujitsu in England. In the last few years he has been training intensively under Sensei Colin Elgie's wing (8th Dan and Founder of the Shu-ho Jujitsu style).

As a natural evolution his aspiration aims towards "self-improvement" rather than competing against others. He also learns Iaido which  is the art of using the Japanese katana - the traditional sword of the Samurai. This art is taught to him by Sensei Colin and Soke Hajime Hayabuchi (16th Soke)  patron of the Araki Muninsai Ryu Iaido, Kobe, Japan.

Sensei Stephan Raulet

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Sensei means "Teacher" in Japanese

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Sensei Ramona

Sensei Ramona has been studying the Shu-ho style of Jujitsu for nearly 15 years and holds a 3rd dan. Like Sensei Stephan she learns Iaido and has developed her skills in Sensei Colin's class whilst also taking her inspiration from Sensei Tara Milne (5th dan in Shu-ho Jujitsu Ryu). By showing her commitment to Martial Arts Sensei Ramona proves that Jujitsu is open to  both female and male students equally.