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Although the colour belts system is often used as a point of reference to judge students skills,  we prefer to put the emphasis on a simple visual key for experience and levels. Skills can be natural or acquired through consistent training and at Jujitsu Self-Defence we value both equally.


At students level ("Kuy grades") you learn lists of techniques reflecting your progress in  Jujitsu. When you feel ready and with the approval of your Sensei (teacher), you may decide to grade by demonstrating  the new and previous techniques that you have learnt.

Each colour denotes a sign of success and recognition that gives you more  confidence,  Eventually the most dedicated students will be able to reach black belt level ("Dan grades") and eventually become teachers whilst continuing  to discover new approaches to learning and improve ever further.



The colour belts system

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1. Junior Yellow 2. Junior Orange 3. Junior Red 4. Junior Green 5. Junior Blue 6. Junior Purple 7. Junior Brown 8. Junior Black 1. Yellow Belt 8th Kyu 2. Orange Belt 7th Kyu 3. Red Belt 6th Kyu 4. Green Belt 5th Kyu 5. Blue Belt 4th Kyu 6. Purple Belt 3rd Kyu 7. Brown & White 2nd Kyu 8. Brown Belt 1st Kyu 9. Black Belt 1st Dan

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"Perseverence and determination are true qualities that Jujitsu black belts have in common"